What is Anxiety

The first thing to say about Anxiety is that if you are experiencing it, please know that you are not broken and you don’t need fixing. 

Although it may not feel like it, Anxiety is a normal and often healthy emotion. It can help us stay focused, motivated, and alert. 

However, when Anxiety becomes excessive or persistent, it can interfere with our daily lives.

Anxiety is a common mental health condition that affects people of all ages. According to the Mental Health Foundation, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the UK. 

More than 8 million adults in the UK have an anxiety disorder, and anxiety disorders affect nearly one in three adults at some point in their lives.

There are many different types of anxiety disorders, including:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD): GAD is a chronic anxiety disorder that is characterized by excessive worry and fear about a variety of things. People with GAD may worry about their health, their finances, their relationships, or their work.
  • Social anxiety disorder (social phobia): Social anxiety disorder is a fear of social situations. People with social anxiety disorder may feel anxious about being judged by others or about embarrassing themselves.
  • Panic disorder: Panic disorder is characterized by recurrent, unexpected panic attacks. Panic attacks are episodes of intense fear that come on suddenly and reach their peak within a few minutes.
  • Specific phobias: Specific phobias are intense fears of specific objects or situations. Common phobias include fear of spiders, fear of heights, and fear of public speaking.

What causes Anxiety? 

Anxiety disorders can be caused by a variety of factors, including Abuse, loss, rejection or abandonment. Also anything throughout your childhood that meant you had to mature too quickly. 

How do we experience Anxiety? 

Both in our heads, and in our bodies.

In our heads: – The catastrophic thinking, the what ifs (What if this goes wrong), and what could have been (What if I’d done that differently). Those thoughts generate the feelings of nervousness and fear. 

In our bodies: Everyone experiences bodily sensations differently, but these can include a racing heart, sweaty palms, a wavering voice, butterflies in the stomach and many more. 

The thoughts and the feelings perpetuate each other. In other words, the thoughts make the feelings stronger and vice versa.

Anxiety treatment

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to anxiety treatment and anxiety management because everyone is different and experiences anxiety uniquely to them. 

What is essential to be truly free of your anxiety for good is to get to the route cause. And in doing that, awareness is a key element to treatment that will help you to be able to make changes in the way you are affected by your Anxiety: 

Awareness of past events and the significance we give them can help us get to the route cause of our Anxiety by

  • Helping us to understand the underlying beliefs and emotions that contribute to our Anxiety. These beliefs and emotions may be rooted in past experiences, and by understanding them, we can start to challenge them and change our perspective.
  • Giving us a sense of control over our Anxiety. When we understand the root cause of our Anxiety, we feel more empowered to manage it.

Therapy can help you understand your Anxiety and develop coping mechanisms. 

If you are experiencing Anxiety and you would like to have a free conversation about how I can help you, you can book some time here: https://www.jimmyhuttontherapy.co.uk/contact-jimmy/

Here are some additional facts about Anxiety in the UK:

  • Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the UK, affecting more than 8 million adults.
  • Anxiety disorders cost the UK economy an estimated £26 billion each year.
  • One in three adults in the UK will experience an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives.
  • Women are more likely than men to experience anxiety disorders.
  • Young people are more likely than older people to experience anxiety disorders.

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Ronke Oke
Ronke Oke

left a 5 star review

Ronke Oke
14 February 2024

Working with Jimmy has been such a revelation. I genuinely feel a lot more at home with myself then I have in my entire life. He makes you pull apart the blocks that have been holding you back and you are able to look into the "why". The alignment of self was very out of joint and we have put it back together. I would definitely recommend his services as it was such a pleasure to work with him and you really do feel in charge of your life again. Thank you Jimmy

Anna Parley
9 February 2024

I saw Jimmy because I was experiencing severe anxiety, and when we started our sessions I was not in a good way. I had five sessions with Jimmy, during which we focused on accessing feelings related to childhood trauma that were resurfacing in the form of anxiety. This was a different approach to previous therapy I have had and has been really effective. I would definitely recommend Jimmy for his personalised and caring approach. I felt he cared about my progress and took pleasure in seeing my improvements during the course of my therapy.

Felipe Torres
29 January 2024

I had a couple of sessions with Jimmy, a couple of months ago. What professional and kind human being! He was easy to communicate with and quickly understood what I was going through. I really appreciate his intervention because it was a big motivator for me to follow my own path and learn to deal with self-doubt and limiting thoughts! I'm very grateful to have worked with him! Highly recommended!

Anna de Coligny
16 January 2024

I could not recommend Jimmy more! We have been working together for the last 5 months, and with incredible results! Jimmy is a very professional therapist. Thanks again!

MariaPaula Rey
19 December 2023

Hello Jimmy! I felt called to leave you a review because I thoroughly enjoyed working with you. I felt seen and listened to every step of the way. It was very easy for me to do deeper work during our sessions because you held such safe space and asked great questions. It is so rare to find someone that I consider a truly gifted practitioner that is also operating from the highest level of integrity and heart that I wanted you to know how grateful I am to have connected with you. Look forward to more sessions and growth together. Thank you again, MariaPaula Rey

Tricia Edwards
15 November 2023

Before working with Jimmy, I felt like I was missing the glue. I have been meditating, working on my mindset, attending workshops, getting coached, reading books, journaling, making art… all were bringing me closer to where I wanted to go. BUT I was struggling to connect it all. Bring it together without feeling like I was building a house of cards. That is what Jimmy helped me to do. He helped me mix my glue to connect everything. Hold it together with trust, self-belief, and compassion. And he helped me to discover how to do this with the strengths within me. He didn’t tell me I had the wrong tools. He helped me use the tools that felt right for me. I was hesitant to sign up. Thinking I have so much already that I can continue to use. But I wanted to speed up my pace. Working with Jimmy did just that. He became my guide. And he helped me to open doors I didn’t know exist. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from Jimmy, for all of his wonderful book recommendations, and for helping me to embrace my weirdness as a superpower.

Boris Poliakov
7 September 2023

I didn’t think that I was able to become the person I am now in such a short amount of time. Jimmy’s professionalism and personalised approach helped me deal with issues I’ve been trying to solve for years and where other therapists couldn’t find a solution. I highly recommend Jimmy, you won’t be disappointed.

Mary-Anne Ledger
28 July 2023

When I started therapy with Jimmy I was a mess. The first few sessions were difficult because it forced me to look inwards and face alot of suppressed emotions. Jimmy taught me how to connect with myself, understand who I am and the many parts of me without judgement but with love. Jimmy helped me with my emotions, it was a safe space to talk about them and to allow me to feel them. For years I had tried to understand what they were until Jimmy said ' you don't have to.. They're fleeting.. So just feel them at the moment'. It was a eureka moment. I'm very glad I signed to to therapy with Jimmy. We've come a long way and I'm so grateful for his help. He's also very approachable, fun, and never judges. Always creates a safe space and listens to every word. Thank you Jimmy. For everything.

Valentina Osborn
6 April 2023

I saw Jimmy regularly over a period of three months after seeing some his posts on LinkedIn. I had been introduced to the idea of accessing / retraining the subconscious (over 90 % of who we are) already, so I didn't need convincing in order to approach this type of therapy, but I didn't quite know how effective it would be, and it's almost magical the speed at which it works. What's fantastic about these sessions is that they enable to escape the addiction of analysis (the negative thinking loops - which we can all get very skilled at justifying, thinking these thought cycles keep us safe) - you can spend decades doing this with most traditional therapists, but not ever really changing what it is that's causing you to repeat patterns. Surface level understanding of your behaviours is of course required and necessary as part of a healing journey - but with this, Jimmy will use innovative techniques to get you access very early memories, wiping away today's stresses, and ensuring actual changes. You'll likely get regular recordings personal to you and your session, that you can save and use in your own time - hypnosis on tap! Will be returning 100%.

denis fazlji
31 March 2023

I went to Jimmy following a difficult period in my life. The sessions I had with Jimmy left me with a sense of calm during an otherwise very chaotic time. I hadn’t felt this peaceful for a very long time and it really helped me move forward in the best and most constructive way. I would highly recommend Jimmy Hutton Therapy for anyone undergoing difficult life-transitions.

Mette Johansen
20 November 2022

I’ve had sessions with Jimmy since May 2022, and instantly he made me feel comfortable and at ease. His focus is very much on allowing me to find the answers within me by being supportive and encouraging. He stays focused and sees the bigger picture, the overall root cause that influence many aspects of my life. He points out the improvements, no matter how small and thereby changes the focus to the positive. He is very involved in the process, also between sessions. He follows up regularly, sends ideas for books/podcasts etc that he believes can help me see things differently. I live abroad but I have had the chance to have a face to face session with him, which was great. Otherwise, the zoom sessions work very well.

Laura Stephenson-Davies
16 September 2022

I have been working with Jimmy for a few months and he has helped me to navigate so many unhelpful emotions in order to be able to let go and move forwards with my life. It’s a bit like an onion, the more you peel the more layers are revealed! Todays session was out of this world. I have been experiencing anxiety and fear about a particular situation and he beautifully took me through what has been playing on my mind to a calmer place of clarity and now excitement about what lies ahead. I feel like Jimmy listens and really understands what I need, he gently and expertly nudges me to face in to and move through whatever is coming up for me as I continue to peel that onion. I always feel much calmer and focussed after our sessions. Thank you Jimmy

1 August 2022

Can’t thank jimmy enough. Feel like he has put my mind at ease and changed my way of thinking. Would definitely recommend.

Julie Holland
27 June 2022

Jimmy has helped discover so much about myself I didn't know. It's really helped me to approach areas of my life differently. He's such a patient therapist, so kind and understanding and I cannot recommend him highly enough to others.

30 March 2022

I was recommend Jimmy by a work colleague during a difficult transitional period in my life. I didn’t think it possible to have such profound results in such a short period of time. Jimmy tapped into memories that I hadn’t even realised had caused such impact on me, and totally transformed how I perceived them and in turn myself. Jimmy has a presence that makes you feel incredibly comfortable immediately and his compassion and empathy is incredibly soothing. After a few sessions I felt able to cope with life with much more clarity and resilience. I am so thankful for the support Jimmy gave me, he really is a wonder therapist and I couldn’t not recommend him enough.